> FrAid

Download and Installation

System requirements

Operating system: any operating system running Java will do.

Java Runtime Environment (JRE): FrAid was biult and tested with jdk1.5. You can get Java JRE (or JDK) from Sun's website, it is free.

2MB of free disk space for the binaries and sources.

Download a FrAid Installer

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Available installers:
FrAid InstallerDescriptionSize(KB)
install_fraid_all.jar FrAid will be installed as a single jar. A FrAid directory will be created under the directory you choose. This is the recommended installation if you are going to use BeanShell, Groovy, Jython or any other scripting environment. 416
install_fraid_modular.jar FrAid will be installed as a core jar file plus separate jar files for each module and plugin. A FrAid directory will be created under the directory you choose for installation. This is the recommended installation if you need maximum flexibility over what modules and plugins you need. 408


  1. From the directory where you downloaded your FrAid installer run (on Windows systems you can just doubleclick):
                            java -jar install_fraid_xxx.jar
  2. A file chooser pops up where you can select directory to install FrAid (keep in mind that the installer will create a FrAid subdirectory under the directory you select).
  3. A simple console opens which shows the details of the installation. You can close it after it is finished. If there are any problems during the installation a message will be printed there as well.

Note: In order to protect files you may have created (such as scripts, plugins, images, midi) FrAid will not install on top of an existing installation. To install FrAid again either pick a new location for installation, or first delete the old installation.

How to run Fraid for the first time

  • Unix systems:
    • during instalation a file /home/your_dir/FrAid/fraid.sh was created. Make it executable with:
      chmod 755 /your_dir/FrAid/fraid.sh 
    • run fraid.sh -in system to use the system's console, or Fraid/fraid.sh to use FraidConsole
  • Windows systems:
    • during installation a your_dir\FrAid\fraid.bat was created (see the note above on the differences between different systems)
    • run \FrAid\fraid -in system to use the system's console or your_home_dir\FrAid\fraid to use FraidConsole
  • Emacs - this is a great option for running FrAid. Emacs gives you command-line editing, command-line history and parenthesis matching, among other things:
    • Start emacs
    • Type M-x shell (on a PC keyboard M is in fact Alt)
    • Depending on the system, run your_home_dir/FrAid/fraid.sh, or your_home_dir\FrAid\fraid.bat
  • See other examples and a complete list of the command-line options.
In your installation directory there is a file named preload.frd which contains usefull function definitions which will be preloaded to your system if you are starting it from fraid.sh or fraid.bat. You can place there other function or constant definitions you want preloaded at start time.

How to uninstall FrAid

Just delete the directory FrAid . Everything is there so no traces will remain on your system.

How to move FrAid to a new location

You can place or copy the FrAid directory at any location you want, and you may have as many of those on your system as you like.

Other downloadables

fraid_core.jar This is not an installer. You can download this file and place it anywhere you want. It contains only the parser and mathematical and utility functions. You can run FrAid like this: java -cp fraid_core.jar org.fraid.interpreter.Fraid. No graphics or the FrAid GUI consoles are supported. Graphical capabilities can be added if you only copy the graphics module and the required plugins in the same directory as this file. This is the recommended way to use FrAid if you only need mathematical scripting and don't need graphics (or handle the graphics from your application). 144
frd_gen_code.jar This is not an installer. The recommended way to use this file is to download it and place it in the bin directory of your FrAid installation. For instructions how to use it see how to generate code for library functions and plugins. 163
install_fraid_src.jar FrAid sources installer. Works similarly to the binaries installers in the first table. You can install the sources either standalone or as a part of the regular FrAid installation. If you install it standalone a FrAid subdirectory will be created under the directory you have chosen (if you want to install it in the same directory as your regular FrAid installation aim at the parent directory of the already installed FrAid). 500
If you have installed FrAid using some of the installers above most probably you don't need to download the plugins bellow. You only need the plugins from this table if some of them is newly developed and wasn't packaged with the regular distribution (in which case it will be marked with NEW). To check what plugins you already have installed, run FrAid and from the console execute printPlugins();If you need a particular plugin, just download it in your installation's bin directory and FrAid will find it next time you start the application.
Available plugins:
plugin_fraid_aggregation.jar aggregation() 5.5
plugin_fraid_cobweb.jar cobweb() 6.4
plugin_fraid_color3d.jar color3D() 5.4
plugin_fraid_spectrum.jar spectrum() 7.2
plugin_fraid_function.jar plot() 5.9
plugin_fraid_iter_fract.jar iterFract() 11.9
plugin_fraid_julia.jar julia() 6.7
plugin_fraid_mandelbrot.jar mandelbrot() 7.1
plugin_fraid_map_plot.jar plotMap() 5.5
plugin_fraid_newton.jar newton() 6.8
plugin_fraid_orbit2.jar orbit2() 6.9
plugin_fraid_orbit.jar orbit() 6.4
plugin_fraid_phase.jar phase() 6.7
plugin_fraid_plot2.jar plot2() 6.5
plugin_fraid_plot3d.jar plot3D() 9.5
plugin_fraid_plot3f.jar plot3F() 6.3
plugin_fraid_plot3.jar plot3() 7.0
plugin_fraid_transform3.jar transform3() 7.0
plugin_fraid_transform.jar transform 7.6

How to compile FrAid

  1. Download the sources (see above)
  2.                     cd development   #from FrAid
                        make all         #providing you have make and jdk installed on your system
                        java -cp . org.fraid.interpreter.Fraid -in fraid